Concert Recording

Living Sound is preferred by many musicians and organizations in the Sacramento area for their live recording needs, including the The Sacramento Opera Company, The Sacramento Choral Society, and the music departments of Sac State and UC Davis, in addition to many local high schools and churches. Living Sound can provide that studio-quality recording you wouldn't expect from a live performance.

Live Classical Music

We have extensive experience recording live classical music, including chamber music, choral music, and even full orchestras. We work very closely with the Sac State Music department to record many of the concerts and recitals that occur on a daily basis, especially Jazz and Choir concerts. We also have also worked very closely with the UC Davis Music Department, Sacramento Choral Society, and the Sacramento Opera, providing high-quality and honest recordings of their concerts at the Mondavi Center and Community Center Theater. Many churches and High Schools have sought us out for their choir and orchestra performances and have been pleasantly surprised by our superior quality.


Live Multi-tracking

Living Sound has the capability and know-how to produce excellent recordings of bands performing live with the use of close-mic'ing techniques and multi-tracking. By combining our live sound services with our live multi-tracking we can provide a fully tracked recording using the same mics that are used for sound reinforcement, eliminating the need for two mics on each musician. The end result is astounding.


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